Children´s picture book 2020

The winners are:
Zuzana Bramborová (CZ): Earthworm asks questions
Lucie Lučanská (CZ): Jířa
Daniela Olejníková (SK): Cruel Marta
The members of the jury:
Kotone Utsunomiya (JP)
Stipan Tadič (HR)
Pavel Kořínek (CZ)

The jury report was presented by Pavel Kořínek on 2. 10. during Tabook festival:

Zuzana Bramborová: Earthworm asks questions
During the corona crisis, many people feel depressed every day. But illustrations and this book coloring have the power to ease our minds and make us calm again. We could see so many small and unique expressions. In other words, jury really enjoyed reading this book. The concept itself is pretty good for the education of children. And the book format looks like a observed diary of plants, it fits the concept! The autor has already finished the book in her diploma work. We are looking forward to seeing the improvements and new ideas implemented mentioned by the author in accompanying text at application.

Lucie Lučanská: Jířa
Description of everyday of a character named Jířa caught the jury's eye at first glance:  precisely mastered and amusingly civilian scenes, arranged in functional double sides. The one-day shopping pilgrimage of the central protagonist, who has been going home to rest in a gardening colony after workday in a warehouse, provides space for the humorous playing of neighboring micro-situations. The jury especially appreciated the sympathetic and captivating spontaneity of the presented mock-up and believes that this immediacy and energy can be transcribed into the final book

Daniela Olejníková: Cruel Marta
The book catched the eye at first glance and jury was impressed more and more after every page and  enjoyed its subtle dark humor. We like how the visuals are rendered in a silkscreen-like style combined with the whole flow of the text. The simple and fun way it is written gives the reader enough room to contemplate on the images. Jury especially liked the part where the animals take revenge on Marta and how dark it goes without loosing balance. The way Marta is described as a good girl, but someone who does bad things without being aware of it is a very interesting approach to making a moral story and conclusion. We are looking forvard to final typografy, addition of collages and final coloring.